Friday, 8 April 2011

Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Flash has revolutionized the internet surfing experience and has broken all trends of the internet world. Without Adobe flash the internet would have not looked like as it looks today. Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and many other websites may not have existed if there would not be flash and its player.

The applications of flash software are called applets and it requires a player to run these applications. It includes streaming movies, buttons, user interactive media and numerous other entertaining and useful online applications. It is freeware software and it is very easy to install. Adobe flash player is activated by the browser and it runs by itself without the permission of the user. It is light weight and super fast in response.

The flash player was the creation of Macromedia but now it is owned and developed by Adobe. The format of Adobe flash player is .swf and all web browsers automatically detect these formats as flash files. Today even smart phones and mobiles phones are installed with Adobe flash player because it has become a necessity for internet users. Some operating systems also offer preinstalled Adobe flash players.

Adobe keeps offering with newer versions of flash player and users are required to have latest version of flash players to run online flash applets. Today website designers have also come up with techniques to designed websites completely on flash and users with Adobe flash player can view these websites. A good feature of flash player is that it does not require downloading files, but instead the browser automatically downloads it temporarily for the user.

- Price: Free
- Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008
- Date added: June 10, 2010